Get the most out of the best flexographic plate technology with the technical support and experience of our team, to obtain quality printed results that are much more efficient.

Internal plate processing not efficient

Do not worry, we already invested in the best plate system, and we put it at your disposal.

Your competition has better prints

With the correct advice, we can enhance your printing process and improve the appearance of color and definition of your printed matter.

Doubts in technical aspects of flexography

The experience of our team It will help you resolve concerns in all aspects related to printing.

Reduce inputs in the printing process

In this we specialize, reduce colors, reduce ink consumption and streamline the use of many printing-related inputs.

Why are we the ideal partners to help you meet these challenges?

More than 15 years ago it emerged the idea of helping the flexo sector in Colombia improve your printed results. The experience of the founders Within printing companies, it allowed to provide, in addition to a product, a specialized service to assist companies in the sector.

Cireles Miraclon, Macdermid, Flint grp, Esko and Dupont

How have we become the most important prepress service or bureau in Colombia?

At first there weren't many options in technology of plates, but with DuPont equipment we began to compete and generate a differential in the service. In 2012, after several years of technology testing and analysis, we chose Kodak Flexcel NX technology to which the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) awarded the Award for Technical Innovation.

Also, companies like Plastilene, Intalpel, FlexoSpring, among others He had decided to incorporate it into his workflow. Since then, we not only had the best technology that until then continues to have unmatched developments, but also Our team was strengthened with highly experienced personnel with many years of experience in the sector.

Do the prints vary a lot from the original file?

This happens because digital technologies on the market lose information when engraving the plate. Our 1-to-1 playback technology, allows all digital information in the file - each pixel - be reproduced perfectly.

what is a photopolymer in flexography
Pre-press process in flexography

Print consistency starts here, the TIL.

Thermal Imaging Film - TIL

Here we begin to be different. We do not use the LAMS technology that other technologies use, we have a film called TIL which allows the highest resolution in the graphics industry.

TIL capabilities

It allows to record at 2,400 dpi and register up to a 450 lpi linearity. Therefore, by resolution there is no problem, the capacities are enormous.

Single flexo plate

You probably know a lot of plate references, but that's because the other technologies have a reference for each application (for blanks, for screens, for solids, etc.). Our iron is only one, which it is capable of receiving different modifications to have different applications on the same surface.

Our lamination process removes oxygen completely and allows the faithful copy of the pixels, guaranteeing the 1 to 1 copy of the information contained in the file.

Due to the unique formation of flat point formation, it is more resistant. Printers report that plates last two to five times longer with respect to the other technologies.

Kodak Squarespot Imaging Technology

It is another key factor of quality and precision

Our CTP laser is capable of producing a resolution of 10,000 dpi. The other systems use a normal Gaussian laser, which is round and generates an imprecise contour, causing the information to be distorted in the engraving. 

On the other hand, with the square laser – Squarespot, we obtain a point with excellent sharpness. In practice, this means that while a normal 2400 dpi exposure produces a 15-micron dot with a soft outline, Squarespot technology produces 10.6-micron dots with sharp outlines.

Pre-press process in flexography

0.4% point?

Surely in the demonstrations of other technologies you had not seen this percentage in print. Our plate reproduces from 0.4% point percentage. It is no longer necessary to separate the wefts from the solids, as we can guarantee solids with excellent density and very fine wefts on the same plate.

what is a photopolymer in flexography

Did you ever think that the iron would work like an anilox?

Ink transfer has always been the responsibility of the Anilox, therefore, it is common to find multiple Anilox references in our clients. But now our customers are enjoying NX Advanced Screen technology reducing consumption and increasing densities and opacities.

We will tell you how it works.

Micro-splicing on plate surface

The square laser (SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology) can make different engravings on the surface such as the DigiCap and now the new five micro-etch patterns from NX Advantage technology.

The advanced screens are found in all dot percentages and when they receive the volume of ink from the anilox, these screens receive it with cavities of different depth and width, to transmit the appropriate amount of ink, thus reducing consumption.

 The individual elements of the pattern range from 5 μ. at 30 μ. Each of these images is approximately the diameter of a human hair (70 μ.). →

These are the results

2 state-of-the-art plate technologies (from other brands) were tested, versus the Flexcel NX with the advanced patterns. There was not only one 20% reduction in ink consumption, but the ink layer is more even and with better opacity.

ink saving flexo photopolymer

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Technical service

You will be able to obtain a quality attention service, to solve printing problems, new challenges or any situation related to your process.

Latest technological advances

You will get all the advances and technological developments at no additional cost. We invest so that you have the best technology.

Measurement and control service

We help you with density measurements, printed dot revision and give

Staff training

We provide training to staff in the process of plates, care and handling of plates, graphic design, among others.

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