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Within the flexographic process, the most important machines are flexo printers, but additionally there are others that are of great importance such as assembly machines, extruders, sealing machines, trimming machines, stamping machines and laminating machines.

All these fulfill very important functions that it is important to know since they will determine the quality or versatility that they can deliver in certain stages of printing.

Here are the most important articles of flexographic printers

The most prominent articles on flexo presses are as follows.

Flexo presses

Types of flexographic printers

There are 3 types of flexographic printers according to their structure. These are the Stacks, In-line and Center Drum Printer ...
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Flexographic printers

Flexo printers can be grouped into 3 groups according to their structure, such as those of central drum, stacks or online

They can also be grouped by the number of inks that can be printed, they are from 1 or 2 colors, up to 10 colors. But the average is 6 to 8 color printers.

Another way to classify them is by the printing width, they are generally described as narrow band, middle band and broadband.

The versatility of flexography to print different types of substrates, causes that in some places they call it for the type of material to be printed.

For example, some call them cardboard or canvas printers, because they specialize in 1 type of substrate.