A design for flexography should be made with how it will be printed. That is why we have design professionals specialized in flexographic pre-press that will make your ideas materialize in unique and quality packaging and prints.

Do you need more creative designs?

More and more end customers want their packaging to be more flashy and creative to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Designs made for flexo

Brand designs are not intended for flexo printing, agencies have different color profiles and when converting to flexo it can be a big challenge.

You need design training

The long times making a design or modifying it can be reduced with training in the use of some tools and / or programs.

Photo retouching for flexo

The photographs are usually of higher quality and more details, but you have to know how to retouch them so that the packaging comes out the same.

Do you think that some designs are impossible to print?

Our clients have managed to get rid of this problem, since we help them to be more efficient in printing with a correct analysis of the design.

With the reduction of colors, special photographic retouching and a correct composition of colors, we are creating a design thinking about who is printing and the conditions of each printer.

Thus, it will be much easier in the approvals to achieve the tones and quality that the client needs.

Where does the passion for design come from?

One of our passions is design and bringing our customers' packaging to life.

The founder of the company has had a long history in the field, since her beginnings were in the design area of one of the most successful companies in its advertising campaigns, such as Coca-Cola. Thus, it will be much easier in the approvals to achieve the tones and quality that the client needs.

After that, he was head of one of the companies that led printing in Colombia at the time, such as ProIndustrial.

A company full of color

One of the biggest impacts that our clients have when visiting us, is to see that the design and the color have taken over everything. This passion is transmitted in all areas.

Our design team is a group of design professionals who have specialized in flexography and whose objective is to give the client the satisfaction of delivering a design or touch-up that meets their expectations, advise them and obtain a design designed for flexo printing. Our experience allows us to offer you multiple solutions.

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Do you want more creative designs and designed for flexo?


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