What can be printed on Flexography?

More than 75% of packages are flexo printed. The 92% of flexography is for packaging, the remaining 8% is divided between pharmaceutical, electronic security among others.

Flexible packaging

This is the most common of all. Flexible materials are used. Products like bags and labels. You can find most of these packages in supermarkets.

Paper Sacks & Multilayer Bags

Flexo paper sacks

This type of packaging is used for agriculture and food, building materials and chemicals. Paper sacks and multilayer bags are used because they offer greater resistance with temperature. They also offer rigidity and strength.


Corrugating flexography

The corrugated boards are made up of cardboard, two smooth layers inside and outside, and a grooved base in the middle.

Every time brands see the opportunity to make their brand visible in these boxes. Even if they are very simple prints they are becoming more and more creative.

Label & Labels

They are pieces of paper, polymer or fabric that are adhered to articles to display product information.

Improvements in flexography have allowed better prints to be made and to replace those made in lithography.

Folding Carton

Flexo folding carton

This one, unlike corrugated, is just a piece of cardboard. It is normally used for contain consumer products that can be taken from store counters.

They are used for food, medicine, cigarettes, hardware, refrigerated food, among others.


The 75% of the envelopes are flexo printed, while the envelopes are being formed they can be printed inside and out.

Towels & Napkins

Flexo towels and napkins

Nonwoven fabric is used as the substrate, which is commonly very porous. Machines must be adapted for these types of prints. Facial cloths, napkins, towels, among others, are printed on flexo.


What can be printed on flexography?


It is very rare that use flexo, but since the 80's some have used flexo to print newspapers.

Electronic circuits

Circuits are printed on different flexible substrates with electronically conductive ink.

Glasses plates

With very simple designs, the industry of fast foods they are the ones who use these flexo-printed products the most.

Many market segments use flexo. It is an Industry that grows every day and develops new technological advances.

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