How to choose a supplier of flexographic inks?

Choose a provider flexographic inks, can be a challenge. Currently, there are several companies that offer a wide portfolio of inks that go hand in hand with the latest advances, technologies and requirements that the printer needs.

To be able to choose the supplier of flexographic inks, you must take some aspects into account, such as geolocation to determine if a local or foreign provider is better. Also support the technical team that surrounds you in your printing processes so that the entire system integrates with the ink characteristics you are looking for.

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Flexographic Ink Categories

Before contacting a flexo ink supplier, it is important to identify the category of ink you are looking for. The flexographic industry has generated 3 main categories, which are:

  1. Water-based ink: Generally, it is composed of water, ammonium and amine. This ink is the most friendly to the environment, due to the drying time it must be constantly monitored.
  2. Solvent-based ink: Its composition may contain N-Propyl Acetate, Ethyl Alcohol, N-Propyl Alcohol or Glycol Ether. This adheres to several substrates due to its composition, drying can evaporate compounds that are not friendly to the environment.
  3. UV ink: These inks are made up of monomers and are very useful because they do not evaporate, they create a layer on the substrate and they dry immediately.

Different flexo ink containers

Flexographic ink suppliers handle different types of presentations of their products, for example they can be found in gallons, liters or buckets.

There are inks that are used in a large number of prints and therefore their volume of consumption is high. For example, white, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK flexo graphic inks), for this reason the containers are larger and you can request a special container according to your needs.

Also inks like pantone color palette which are for very particular impressions, they can have a high rotation as the final clients require it.

Main suppliers of flexo inks


The American continent has made great progress in flexo developments, and the ink segment has grown quite a bit. Below you will find a list of the main providers:

  • Novaro SA de CV Graphic Distributor (Mexico)
  • Cosalco Group (Calasco)
  • Markem-Imaje, S.A. (Mexico)
  • QTec Colors SAS (Colombia)
  • Preflex (Colombia)
  • Bassegraf (Mexico)
  • Chiminta SA (Ecuador)
  • Atonal (Brazil)
  • Jamflex (USA)
  • Promak Montevideo (Uruguay)
  • Mark Andy (USA)
  • Zeller + Gmeln Printing Ink (USA)
  • Pro color flex (USA)


Europe will be a supplier reference, the main brands with the longest history are found in the old continent, these are:

  • Chimigraf (Spain)
  • Asahi photoproducts (Belgium)
  • Flint group (Germany)
  • xaar plc (United Kingdom)
  • Valtecitalia (Italy)
  • Siegwerk (Europe)

World references

There are manufacturers of flexo inks that have been a benchmark in the world for many years for their contributions to the industry and for the constant optimization of their processes, for example:

flint-group: It is a German company with great coverage throughout the world, over the years it has been in charge of contributing with flexographic printing supplies, flint flexographic inks has developed formulas in order to make increasingly higher quality and cutting-edge printing.

Siegwerk: This company has contributed with excellent combinations of printing inks with knowledge of safety, technology, efficiency and sustainability, the siegwerk flexographic inks are precisely adjusted to the requirements of flexographic printing.

Difference Between Manufacturer and Distributor

There are many flexo ink manufacturers, these are dedicated to transforming raw materials into flexo inks, and deliver them to the final consumer through the supply chain. Printing supplies have several manufacturing countries in America, Europe or Asia.

On the other hand, a flexographic ink distributor They have the role of making available to final buyers the different inks that manufacturers can offer, on the other hand, they are also in charge of the logistics process and its negotiation.

Over time many brands have expanded to have a greater reach and offer more and more customers their product portfolio, today, just by searching the web, you will find many results flexographic ink suppliers around the world.

flexo ink prices

Depending on the place of location, in most cases you must communicate directly with the flexographic ink supplier that are in your area or carry out verification if shipments are made outside the country.

There are many brands that are globalized to be able to reach many areas, on the different websites you can find inks from 10 USD to almost 60 USD, it all depends on the amount and type of ink you want to buy.

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