Types of flexographic printers

There are 3 types of flexographic printers according to their structure. These are the printer of Stacks, In-line and central drum.

You will find below some of its main characteristics and advantages.

Printer Stackso In Turret

This type of press is also known colloquially as stake printer.

Turret or stake printer

You have surely heard them. Its main characteristics are that its printing units are individual and stacked (staked) one over the other.

They generally have between 1 and 8 printing units and their print quality is medium - low. Due to its structure, it has some drawbacks with the registry.


  • Machines such as cutters, laminators or extruders can be easily incorporated.
  • You have the facility to print on both sides of the material.

Printing machine In-line or online

This type of press has its printing units positioned horizontally one after the other. You can have between 2 and 20 print units. Its print quality is medium - high.

Online printer

Due to its structure, it can print wide and thin materials.


  • The narrow band ones are very accessible and easy to operate to make changes.
  • It is allowed to add alternate processes such as finishes in this type of machine to obtain a final product at once.
  • The broadband ones, allows them to use very large and heavy materials.

Center drum printer

Also known as a central print printer. Its printing units are located around the same counter pressure cylinder.

Central impression

They can have between 4 and 12 printing units and their print quality is medium - very high. Generally used for flexible and light material.


  • It is one of the most stable in the registration of printed colors and allows the impressions to have a greater precision.
  • It is one of the most common in broadband printing because it offers higher quality prints.

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