The most comprehensive book on flexography

Finding everything related to flexo in one place is very difficult. That is why we have found the most comprehensive book on flexography written by experts who have not saved a detail.

It is very frustrating, that when looking for technical information and you will see about flexo, you come across something like «Practical manual flexography pdf» where we cannot resolve the concerns.

If your search is academic or very technical, you will surely find an answer in this book. From how it arises, how it works, its importance, the variables in printing, the process, machines and other characteristics are very well explained and argued.

Written by experts

To understand why it is the most complete book in the world, it is important to know who the author is.

The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) is the world's leading professional society dedicated to advancing the flexographic printing industry.

Established in 1958, its primary goal is to provide a platform for flexographers to network, learn, and exchange ideas, all in the name of advancing the art and science of the flexo printing process.

The FTA for its acronym in English (Flexographic Technical Association), was founded in 1958, and today represents the entire flexographic supply chain, such as printers or converters, consumer products companies, pre-press providers, suppliers, graphic design companies, consultants, educators and students.

FLEXOGRAPHY: Principles and Practices 6.0

Flexographic book


In this book you will find a large number of topics that have been organized into sections that allow you to better understand all the information.

Section I Encounter with flexography

This section will discuss the generalities of flexography, such as its meaning, how it should be applied, the types of printers and the historical factors that influenced the development of flexography until today.

Section II Principles of flexography

Here you will find the main variables of this printing method, such as printing plates, mounting, inks, ink measurement and different printing machines.

Section III Manufacturing principles applied in flexography

You can find a lot of information about color, such as its fundamentals, the process and methodologies, formulation. On the substrates you will be able to find out how to handle them, the inspection systems, their treatment and process.

Among other topics such as the mechanical systems of the machines and the different codes.

Section IV Practices in flexography

This section is very important, because it approaches the most practical part of flexo in the press room. You will be able to understand how to make the design for this type of printing, the color tests, the preparation of plates, the assembly, care of the inks and suggestions from the staff, safety and quality in the place of printing.

Section V Manufacturing influences applied in flexography

Quality assurance is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account, and in this section you will understand how to apply them. In addition to all the safety and care of the environment.

Section VI Resources

Do you have frequent printing problems that you don't know how to solve? Here is a guide to the most common problems in the press.

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