Get more security and confidence in your customer approvals.

Do you spend a lot of time on approvals?

Time today is a resource that can be optimized, and many times long approval days They not only reduce production time, but also cause inconvenience to customers and many times waste of material.


Imagine you could send the customer a certified color test, where you can check the tones composed by polychromy and the special colors with a closeness to the 95% of what the printed result will be. In addition, that this is the color guide for the printer at the time of printing and that at the time of rolling the order they quickly obtain the expected result. Well, that once seemed impossible, but today our clients are succeeding.

95% Color Test Closeness

We will tell you how we make it possible.

With the acquisition of the most advanced flexographic prepress technology, which allows us to have a 1 to 1 result, which means that the information that is in the file is copied pixel by pixel to the plate without losing information, we can guarantee a predictability of the final form.

The initial technical evaluation of a correct machine footprint makes the Color Proof technology is perfectly complemented to provide this guarantee to our customers.

GMG color proof

Just as we have the best plate technology, we also have the best in color processing, GMG.

Through your Color Proof software we can guarantee an efficient, accurate and real contract test. With a spectrophotometer at the printer output and certified paper, we can certify each of our prints.

GMG contract test

Predictable, reliable and efficient

Our clients have gotten used to using this color proof to send it to their clients even abroad. The confidence and security in this test has been given by the printed results, since some have even said that the proximity is from 98% to the final form.

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Do you want to live this experience, and have a contract test that tells you what your printing will look like on a 95%?

We do our best to bring you the best service and a quality product.
If you are a printer and have not worked with us, you will receive the first job with the discount 50% and one technology demo totally free.


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