Aniloxes are an important variable for flexo printing

What is Anilox?

They are metallic rollers that have cells or cavities on their surface with a defined volume, size and angle, which allows them to transfer the ink to a flexographic plate in a controlled manner.

This roller is preceded by a squeegee system (inking system) and after it, the plate holder roller.

The number and size of the cells engraved on the surface will determine how much and how they transfer

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BCM on Anilox rolls

A variable of great impact on your flexo prints is the BCM of the Anilox roller (anilox ink transfer volume). The contribution capacity of the Anilox roller is an important factor in the

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What is it used for?

The purpose of the Anilox is to measure and control the volume of ink delivered to the printing plate. 

It is a very important element in flexographic printing, because together with the plate they will determine the printing ruling.

How are Anilox Rolls measured?

Anilox can be measured in 3 main specifications, such as volume, engraving angle and number of cells.

What is the BCM of an Anilox?

It is a measure of the amount of ink delivered by an anilox roll, expressed in trillions of cubic microns per square inch (billion cubic microns per square inch in English) – BCM/in².

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